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Map currently features 12 mapmodes, of which (as of writing this text) 7 are accessible in game, and 5 are unique to Skanderbeg.
Little description of each of the unique ones:
  • Interest-to-income mapmode -> as name suggests, it displays country's monthly interest that it pays in relation to its entire income. Provinces of a country with 0 interest will be green(50/150/0 RGB) to red(256/128/0) at 50% to black(0/0/0) at 100%. It is worth noting, that in some cases monthly interest rates can exceed nation's entire income.
  • Ideas mapmode -> in this mapmode province's color scales linearly depending on number of ideas its owner has. If country has the lowest number of ideas in the entire world, province's color will be fully red(256/0/0) scaling to fully green at max ideas(0/256/0).
  • Casualties mapmode -> one of Skanderbeg's more known features. In this mapmodes the more red the province is, the more people died on it in game,scaling linearly). Scale goes from gray(128/128/128) at 0 deaths to red(256/0/0) at maximum casualties.
  • Manpower dev mapmode -> this mapmode is particularly important in MP. It works similarly to development mapmode, but it displays solely manpower development while also additionally emphasizing on the difference between 'low' and 'high' values. Scale goes from red(20/256/25) at 0 dev to green.
  • Improvement mapmode -> this mapmode works similarly to development mapmode, but it displays solely the development that was created after the game started. Scale goes linearly from white (255/255/255) at 0 improvement count to green(0/128/0) at 20 improvement count and dark green(0/117/35) for more than 20.
If you are interested in how our model for calculating effective discipline & army strength of a country works, check out this page
The map also features some additional functionalities, which are accesible in the menu below mapmodes panel.
  • Share view -> this button generates a link to your exact view of the map, including current mapmode, position etc. that you can share with your friends, so that they can see exactly what you do.
  • GenerateImage -> GenerateImage allows you to export your map into a .png file, that features far greater quality than game's own export to image button, and it also includes provinces' borders. Keep in mind, however, that GenerateImage's output might come out as slightly imperfect, depending on your device, used internet browser etc.
  • Show information -> show information allows you to mark any area on the map, and provides you with total development of the provinces in it, their count and armies standing there.
Support for mods on Skanderbeg is limited and focused mostly at compatibility with army strength & effective discipline model. Meaning, that Skanderbeg is going to focus mostly on things like policies, idea groups, events, triggered/static/scripted modifiers, estates etc. as they can greatly affect actual country's strength.
Aspects like map, flags, localisation is NOT going to be included into Skanderbeg at all.
If you use Skanderbeg with mods that completely overhaul the way combat works(by ie. making cavalry relevant), you are better off ignoring that part of our ledgers completely.

Support for custom maps, flags, localization etc. will be added if there's an obvious need for it. If you believe that this is something that we should do, please send us a DM via Discord.
You can add support for particular mods here. Please note that this is extremely experimental. If you find any bugs, please report them to us via our Discord.