Skanderbeg's API

Skanderbeg provides certain APIs to allow developers to find new and exciting uses for a wide range of Skanderbeg's capabilities, including fetching data from savefiles & gamefiles, Skanderbeg save & profile manipulation and many more.
Please do note that, as it is with Skanderbeg as a whole, these APIs are meant to be a tool for its users and made with its users. Even though Skanderbeg API's capabilities might be limited as of now, and not include a certain feature that you would expect from it, we are always extremely happy to adapt to your needs, whatever they might be. In case of any requests, problems, suggestions or just general feedback always feel free to ping us on our Discord server here or directly: Jarvin#1821.
The full list of parameters/modifiers available to be requested from the API for the getCountryData scope is available here.

API key

In order to start using Skanderbeg's API you will need an API key.
API key is a token linked to your Steam account that you will need to attach to all of your API requests in order to authenticate them. You can use the form below to generate your own API key or see it if you have done so already.

You need to be logged in order to see your API key!